iMindMap 5 Is Perfect For Students

by iMindMap5

iMindMap 5 is perfect for students and recently it came up in a conversation when I was asked by a friend just recently about how students can most benefit from using Mind Mapping.

I have seen kids do some truly amazing things when they incorporate Mind Mapping into the way they learn and experience knowledge.

The reason it is such a powerful tool is that it works like we think.  I have seen children labelled with the term “special needs” exceed the limited expectations of their teachers when they started using Mind Mapping.

It is also a great tool for gifted and talented students too as it provides a tool to allow them to manage all their workload far more effectively as well as allowing them to tap into more of their natural thinking abilities.

Having worked with thousands of kids over the years, a huge hurdle to get them to use Mind Mapping has been the need to draw it and add images to make it stand out.  A mere reference to the word “draw” and instantly pupils are turned off by a very powerful technique that can and will make their learning experience far more enjoyable.

Let’s put aside the issue that everyone CAN draw for the moment and look at a way round that.

Using Mind Mapping Software like iMindMap 5 makes the process extremely accessible to pupils because they can create stunning illustrated Mind Maps with a few clicks of their mouse.

It has a massive database of images and icons which makes adding illustrations a piece of cake.

Let your son or daughter play around with iMindMap 5 for just a few minutes and they will see just how easy it is to use.

So why not download the free trial version of iMindMap 5 and see for yourself.

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