iMindMap 5 3D View Video Reveals All

by iMindMap5

iMindMap 5 is definitely coming.

Slowly but surely, the Buzan team are starting to reveal the new features in the update to their ground breaking Mind Map Software.

Of course the feature getting the biggest push and perhaps generating the biggest buzz is the 3 Dimensional view – yes you can Mind Map Avatar in 3D now!

So is this a feature that is going to add to the experience of using Buzan’s thinking invention on a computer or is it just a gimmick designed to jump on the band wagon of the craze that has hit cinema, home TV and those peculiar glasses?

Well here is a video that shows you the 3 D view in the new iMindMap 5 so you can decide for yourself.

I personally think that the ability to create 3D Mind Maps (though the purists amongst you will realise it is not true 3D – more about multi angle viewing) will help give a different perspective on your Map but I am not sure whether it will really add to the experience or achieve greater benefit from an already impressive thinking device.

I only hope that the Buzan team have put as much effort into ensuring iMindMap 5 actually works properly (there are still glitches in version 4.1 that have not been resolved) as they have in creating the 3D functionality.

Having said all that, from what I have seen this latest version of the Buzan software will provide a much better Mind Map tool to use on your computer and that it will represent a step forward.

So check out the video and see for yourself.

By the way, you can try out the software for free by clicking on this iMindMap 5 Download link.

If you do that before the launch then you will get the existing version 4.1 and if you buy that the upgrade to version 5 is free.

If you download the trial after the launch you will be able to try it out for free for at least 7 days.

So go ahead and try it out now.

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